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Is VIBE Original Natural?

A. Yes.  VIBE is all natural.  It’s nutrients are delivered the way nature intended…fresh, with none of the processing that diminishes the potency of the nutrients.

How do I take VIBE Original?

A. Most people mix VIBE Original with water or juice.  Once your body gets used to VIBE Original you may want to drink it “straight” 20 minutes before and after your workout for optimal benefits.
Q. How much should I take?
A. That depends on your health and fitness goals.  Athletes and active individuals generally need more nutritional support than sedentary people.  See what feels best for you.  VIBE Original is completely safe.  You cannot “overdose” on it.
Q. Is VIBE Original safe for children?
A. Absolutely!  VIBE Original contains all the nutrients a child needs for health and peak performance. 
Q. Where can I find out more about the quality and safety of VIBE Original?
A. For more information about VIBE please visit
Q. What if I don’t feel anything right away?
A. Don’t worry.  VIBE Original is still working.  VIBE Original is formulated to get into your cells quickly.  Some people, however take longer to “experience” the results.  Though every body is different continue taking 2 oz. of VIBE Original each day.  You should begin to “feel” the difference within 90 days.
Q. Should I continue taking my other supplements while taking VIBE Original?
A. VIBE Original is an “all-in-one” daily solution for optimal nutritional support. When taking VIBE most people find they no longer need other multi-vitamin/mineral supplements.  Your needs may vary, however.  Ask your health care practitioner whether he/or she wants you to continue on any other targeted nutrients.
Q. Does VIBE Original have any side effects?
A. There are no known or adverse reactions associated with VIBE.  If you are allergic to any of the ingredients in VIBE (they’re listed on the bottle) you should not take it.
Q. Why can’t I find VIBE Original in health food stores?
A. We've found that word of mouth is the best way to sell VIBE.  Once people experience VIBE’s benefits they’re happy to tell others.  That’s why VIBE is sold only via a “direct sales model.  Other well-known products sold this way include Tupperware, Pampered Chef, and Shaklee.




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