How VIBE Works

VIBE’s breakthrough nutraceutical formulation gives you:

  • More stamina for training and competition
  • Quicker recovery
  • Faster healing from sore muscles and injuries

Ordinary multi-vitamin pills and tablets are very inefficient. 
Typically, only 10% of their performance enhancing nutrients are absorbed into the body.


Liquid VIBE is different.  Within seconds after taking VIBE, a full 97% of the nutrients you need for performance are absorbed into your body at the cellular level.   And that’s important.  Because the faster needed nutrients get to your cells the more you’ll be able to get out of your exercise and training regimen.


And since VIBE is all natural, it’s the safest choice available for building muscle and increasing endurance.


Want a natural performance enhancer that’s hundreds of times more efficient than the ordinary supplements you’ve been taking?  Try VIBE.  And watch how your body performs.



I was already in a fitness training routine before taking VIBE but I was having difficulty making the kind of progress I wanted.  When I started taking VIBE I noticed I could sustain much higher energy levels during my workout and I felt much better when I was done.

Less than a year after having back surgery VIBE has enabled me to complete a marathon and a 30-mile bike race only a week apart.   I owe it to my training.  But I also owe it to VIBE.”



Highland, Michigan




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