New—Ladies' Cap
Heart U is about staying in touch with that quiet call from within to be content. Listen to your heart and feel joy!
New—Men's Cap
You know what they say, “if you don’t stand for something; you will fall for anything”. Heart U reminds us all to find the answers we need within ourselves. Know yourself and thrive!

This fashion tote is a great reminder that goes with you everywhere! Smile with pride! You're a student at University of Heart
There is no greater learning than learning from the heart. When the heart speaks, listen!

New—Key Chain
How you approach your day makes all the difference. Now, even your keys can remind you to synchronize with your heart!
New—Ditty Pouch
Here's a way to carry all your little things. Snap it on your belt loop, toss it in a bag… and be reminded, as a student of the University of Heart, all you really need is simple understanding.. 

New—Eyeglass Case
When you go for those glasses, take a moment, reset your focus and refresh your spirit!
Reversible Tote
There is a handy front pocket for storage and a “polka-dot” pattern that can go inside or out. 

What is a “BackSac”? It may be the most practical carryall you will buy. 
"Peace Now" Cap
Low Profile Cap. Unstructured, Light Weight Brushed Cotton Twill