Recruiting Low Density Golf with National Appeal

Crosby Marketing Group will develop a limited client base with golf developments and onsite real estate professionals to promote private golf communities.

It is our belief that the same Direct Response Marketing “formula” that has been so successful for many of our clients can be highly successful for low density, high-end golf destinations.

Crosby Marketing Group is targeting a handful of these low density projects that have a national or even worldwide appeal.

Immediate National Awareness with Television

With an abundance of magazines and other print advertorial campaigns, it is at times difficult for a qualified prospect to make a distinction between all of the offerings.

The Golf Channel and our “Formula” will allow you to promote your project, the destination area, the amenities, and the housing units. It will also allow you to showcase the spectacular golf holes one at a time. The Golf Channel and our “Formula” will likely create tremendous lead generation and national awareness in a short period of time.

Entry Fee and Accountable Advertising

In this particular moment in time when there is intense pressure on pricing in order to achieve velocity, Crosby Marketing Group would like to promote a $2 million annual advertising campaign where every lead generation and ultimate sale can be traced to an exact advertisement.

#1 Buyer of The Golf Channel

A national awareness linked to attributable sales can be gained at a fraction of the cost of a traditional marketing campaign.  The Golf Agency, our strategic partner, has developed more than 5 start-up companies with less than $1 million in capital into companies that exceed $15 million in annual sales.  These phenomena were initiated through advertising on The Golf Channel. (pop-up of TGC demographics)

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List of Real Estate Projects being marketed with the Crosby Direct Response approach:

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